Sivasagar All Assam Student Union Stages Protest Price Rise

Sivasagar All Assam Student Union Stages Protest Price Rise

SIVASAGAR: Given the soaring prices of fuel and other necessities, members of the All Assam Student’Union (AASU) conducted large-scale protests in various parts of the Sivasagar district on Wednesday.

The Students’ Union has launched a large-scale protest against the government, demanding that prices of fuels, cylinders, medicines and other necessities be curbed.

Students’ union members protest at Shibasagar, Najira, Shimaruguri, Demou, Nikatakuri, Bet Bali, Diary, Conwarpool, Sologuri, Gaurisaga, Charing, Dikoumuk, Amgri, Namti, Guereki, etc., in response to a district committee call. did.

AASU’s Sivasagar Regional Unit also conducted a major protest at Dolmukh Chariali in the town of Sivasagar. Hundreds of members, led by AASU Central Committee executives Samiran Phukan and General Secretary of Sivasagar District AASU Dipankar Saikia, carry placards with slogans and take swift steps to control prices by the government. I requested that.

Samiran Phukan strongly criticized both the BJP-led central and state governments for failing to curb the rise in fuel and other necessities. “Neither the central government nor the state government was able to fulfill its obligations for the benefit of the people of this democracy. The situation is getting tougher for the general public. We protest for the benefit of the people. The government should act immediately. It is possible to curb price increases. If the government does not, we will be more upset. ”

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