She Spent $600K To Be Kim Kardashian, Now Paying $120K To Be Herself

Kim Kardashian spent $600K on Kim Kardashian’s wedding, and she is now paying $120K to be her.

Jennifer Pamplona (Versace model) has spent nearly $600K in procedures to become Kim Kardashian-like. She now pays $120K to return to her original appearance.

New York Post reports that the model, who was 29 years old, had approximately 40 cosmetic procedures over a period of 12 years in her attempt to emulate the famous. However, she soon realized that this was not what she wanted.

She told Caters that people would refer to me as a Kardashian, which became annoying. I had studied, worked and been a businesswoman. “I had achieved all of these things in my life and was a successful businesswoman, but it wasn’t enough to be recognized because I looked like Kim Kardashian.”

Pamplona, then 17, was only 17 years old at the time she went under anesthesia for her first time. Kardashian was just beginning to be popular at that time. Pamplona quickly developed a love for procedures, which would soon make her look like an A-lister. She had more than 40 procedures, which included eight butt injections and three rhinoplasties.

Her transformation into Kim Kardashian’s twin quickly attracted attention around the world. She was featured in The Post. She amassed over a million Instagram fans, but it didn’t bring her happiness.