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Shashi Tharoor, Vivek Agnihotri-Anupam Kher Spar On’The Kashmir Files’

On Tuesday, after a parliamentary leader tweeted about a banned movie in Singapore, a verbal battle broke out between Shashi Tharoor and Vivek Agnihotri-Anupam Kher’s “Kashmir File” duo, and Mr. Tharoor’s There was a keen remark from the director and actor who called his later years. His wife Sunandha Kumarirat’s Kashmiri language has its origins in attacking him.

Mr. Taruru said it was “unjustice and derogatory” to “pull” his deceased wife Sunandha into the matter.

The entire controversy began when Parliamentarians in Thiruvananthapuram shared a news report on Twitter about a movie ban in Singapore.

“Movies promoted by India’s ruling party #KashmirFiles have been banned in Singapore,” a parliamentary leader tweeted.

In his response to Taruru, Agni Hotri called Singapore “the most regressive censor in the world.”