"Shameless hypocrisy": Tamil Nadu Minister Challenges Nirmala Sitharaman

"Shameless hypocrisy": Tamil Nadu Minister Challenges Nirmala Sitharaman

Treasury Minister Paranibel Chiagarajan of Tamil Nadu did not punch out on Monday to “encourage” the state to reduce the tax burden on gasoline and diesel to federal finance minister Nirmala Sisaraman. We “.

“We are one of the best statistics of any government in India. We have reduced the revenue deficit from 60,000 rupees to 40,000 rupees. The budget deficit is half that of the federal government. The per capita income is double. That of the national average. Our inflation is only 5% when the national inflation is 8%. We know what we are doing. Constitutionally what we don’t want to do I don’t like other people who authorize the government, “Chiagarajan told Bibarud in an interview.

“I don’t remember using the word” request “everywhere. I think they made a request and then the Federal Finance Minister used the word “recommend.” I don’t think the Constitution allows this. States that the Constitution allows will control their finances to the extent we have left. “

“When the federal government raised the excise tax, which moved from pure excise tax to sales tax and surcharges, three times on petrol, ten times on diesel, they didn’t even consult the state. They didn’t even talk to me. Reduced the share given to us. They had no compassion or consideration. They had a bad tax system for 7-8 years. Now that the chickens are back in the roost, they are from us. I’m making a fake villain. This is terrible. This is shameless falsehood, “said the minister.

“It went up from Rs 9.4 to Rs 32.5, they reduced Rs 5 once, Rs 8 once. You removed Rs 13 and it’s still Rs 19. That’s when this government came to power. Twice the tax rate that was being taxed. Diesel. It was 3.4 rupees or something. They raised it to 32 rupees and cut it at 10 rupees and 8 rupees or 6 rupees, so they are still 4 times. It’s five times as much. “Chiagarajan has been added.