Several villages under the circle of Kanpur and Raha are involved in the flood

Several villages under the circle of Kanpur and Raha are involved in the flood

Nagaon: Due to constant rain and excessive water discharge from the dams of the Dimahasao-based Kapili hydropower project, the Kapili River has again flowed one meter above dangerous levels since Wednesday, with 15 overflows of water. It is submerged beyond. Villages under the income circles in Kanpur and Raha, sources added.

Floods are worried that the villages and areas under the two income circles in the area will be further flooded within hours, according to sources. Flood water has already caused panic among villagers in flooded areas under both income circles, especially near Kampur Saiboku Gaon and the larger Bakugri area.

Flooded water from the Kapili River is flowing through the broken part of the river embankment due to the first flood in May. As a result, communication between Kanpur and Chanchaki, which connects the disabled road, was lost on Thursday. The river embankment, built by the Nagaon Department of Water Resources, was found in critical condition near Bakugri due to rapid and frequent erosion. The river embankment was developing cracks. It is feared that the embankment will be broken soon.

Meanwhile, Nagaon’s district administration and relevant authorities in Kampur and Raha’s revenue circle have already begun all emergency measures to alleviate the suffering of flood victims in these areas, and rescue victims of the flood. An area that also has an emergency response team for activities.

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