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Several landslides hit road and rail transport in Assam’s Dima Hasao

The area reportedly reported multiple landslides in the past few days as a result of heavy rains affecting the smooth functioning of the railroad route between Maiban and Maha.

As a result, some trains were also delayed. Meanwhile, repair work has begun.

According to a report by ANI, the stationmaster of Shemale Station, Babel Badak said there was a report of a landslide on the route between the towns of Maibon and Maha.

“We stopped the passenger train at Maibon Station. Our team is working on repairing the damaged railroad tracks. Some trains are running slowly due to landslides,” said a railroad official. It was reportedly said by ANI.

The highway near Capulchera in the hills reportedly cut the national highway route between Haflong and the Silchar region due to rising water levels.

Separately, the Haflong-Sri Lanka road was also affected and blocked due to heavy landslides along the route. ――――