Seuj Konwar remembered his 23rd anniversary in Shiva Sagar.

Seuj Konwar remembered his 23rd anniversary in Shiva Sagar.

SIVASAGAR: On Tuesday, Seuj Konwar Parag Chaliha’s 23-year-old death anniversary was observed on the grounds of the Chau-Lung Syukafa indoor stadium in Sivasagar. The event was co-sponsored by the Parag Chaliha Smriti Rakshya Samiti, Sivasagar Natya Samaj and Chau-Lung Syukafa Indoor Stadium Management Committee and was attended by many key citizens, educators, artists and journalists.

Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Shiva Sagar, Mega Nidi Dahal, took this opportunity to serve as Chief Guest. In his speech, Dahal said, “The personality I’ve come to know from the speeches of famous speakers here today is not seen in modern society. I just want to be imitated by a new generation and I want to know more about him so that I can be inspired too. ”

Well-known scholars, citizens and sports organizers also emphasized the life and achievements of Seuj Konwar Parag Chaliha and the need to preserve his heritage. Nitya Narayan Borgohain, Makhan Bora, Lakshmikanta Mahanta and Nekibuddin Ahmed also shared their experiences with prominent scholars and Seuj Konwar’s contributions in the fields of art, culture, literature and sports.

Dr. Sabyasachi Mahanta, a prominent columnist and principal of Garhgaon College, calls Seuj Konwar as a symbol of creativity and vision with a focus on preserving culture and traditions and leading society to development in all areas. I was surprised. Dr. Mahanta talked about his contributions in the political arena, saying that the Ministry of Doner is the contribution of Parag Chaliha. “As a result of his strong statement in parliament when he was a member of parliament, the northeast got this ministry.” He also said that people were of such a prominent and multifaceted character. He said he had to remember his contribution and follow his legacy.

Earlier, the event began with a flower tribute before Seuj Konwar Parag Chaliha went bankrupt by his wife and prominent educator, Dipali Chaliha and other prominent citizens. Saurav Chaliha, the son of Parag Chaliha, hosted the event.

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