Sencha Student Association Celebrate May Day

Sencha Student Association Celebrate May Day

Demow: International Workers’ Day was held on Sunday at Demow Athabari Chah Labor Kalyan Kendra in collaboration with the ATTSA, Demow, Nazira and Amguri chapters under the auspices of the All Tea Tribes Student’s Association (ATTSA) Sivasagar district.

On May Day’s occasion, the “best workers” were selected from all the tea gardens in the area and were celebrated with Plumgamosa and quotes by the organizers.

A representative meeting of ATTWA was also held, and the ATTWA and Sivasagar districts were formed. Biswanath Nag, ATTSA’s secretary, gave a welcome greeting in the program. Chair Assam Cha Nigam, Diganta Saf Tasa, Vice Chairman ATTSA, and Central Committee Shiva Prasad Badra attended the program as chief guests. Babul Sahu, the leader of the ATTSA Central Committee, Amit Garaik joined the program as observers.

The program was attended by ATTSA, Demou Chapter Leaders, ATTSA, Najira, Amgri Chapter Representatives, and former ATTSA Leaders.

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