Scammers arrested in Kokrajhar

Scammers arrested in Kokrajhar

KOKRAJHAR: Two BJP leaders, Dhan Bharali aka Rupam Deka of BJP Youth Morcha in the Narvali district, and Arnav Kalita, the state secretary of the BJP Study Cell, are currently at the Kokrajhar police station. BJP leaders were arrested for being involved in the fraud, tricking a long-established Delhi-based contractor into forging a net supply of mosquito nets and withdrawing a total of Rs 700 million from the P & RD department.

Orders from contractors have already brought a total of 20,000 nets to BTC and supplied 80,000 nets. The fraudster Rupam Deka received a prepayment of 280,000 rupees in the name of a supply from Ashwini Sharma, an established contractor in Delhi.

Recently, the BTC government has commissioned NITCO to scrutinize the multi-crawl work carried out by the former council government, after which everything has been revealed. After the contractor submitted the bill to the BTC Secretariat, it was revealed that the supplier used a fake order in the name of supplying about 300 million rupees worth of mosquito nets.

As a result, contractor Ashwini Sharma has filed a complaint against the two accused of Kokrajhar. The case was registered with the Cochrajar Sadder Police Station in connection with the case. Based on the complaint, a team of Kokrajhar police arrested two people from the Nalbari district on Tuesday. The two are currently being asked by police for more details.

In the latest development on Wednesday, police were able to seize 5,000 nets from the barrier. Police sources also announced that the remaining defendants involved in the fraud were on the run.

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