Sachin Pilot's Wishlist New Concerns Prior to Parliament's Two-Day Rajasthan Camp

Sachin Pilot’s Wishlist New Concerns Prior to Parliament’s Two-Day Rajasthan Camp

Parliamentary leader Sachin Pilot told Sonia Gandhi that he wanted to be the prime minister of Rajasthan “without delay” for more than a year before the state elections to ensure the party’s reinstatement.

If not, Sachin Pilot reported to Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra that Rajasthan could be lost as well as Punjab.

According to sources, Sachin Pilot has had three meetings with all three Gandhi in the past few weeks.

The election is scheduled for December 2023 in Rajasthan. According to sources, Mr. Pilot warned his boss that if the guards were delayed, Punjab would be repeated.

Two years ago, Pilot rebelled with 18 MLAs, forcing Prime Minister Ashok Jerot to quarantine more than 100 MLAs at the resort. After weeks of sparring and tense negotiations, Gandhi was able to persuade Mr. Pilot to retreat and promised to contain his supporters in the Gerott Cabinet.