Russian defense "Homeland" Ukraine: Putin on Victory Day

Russian defense "Homeland" Ukraine: Putin on Victory Day

President Vladimir Putin said on Monday that Ukrainian Russian troops were protecting their homeland from “absolutely unacceptable threats” when they held an annual parade that defeated Nazi Germany in World War II. ..

Putin told thousands of troops on the Red Square in Moscow that Ukrainian Russian troops continue to fight Nazism, but “do everything to prevent the fear of World War II from happening again.” He said that was important.

President Putin did not make a major announcement in his speech, despite Western reports that anniversaries could be used to announce the growing conflict in Ukraine and general mobilization in Russia.

Instead, Putin sought to gain public support for the campaign by linking the current conflict to what the Russians call the Great Patriotic War.

To the Russian army in Ukraine, he said, “No one forgets the lessons of World War II, because you are fighting for your country and for its future.”