RSS-Linked Muslim Body Demands Death Penalty For Udaipur Tailor

RSS-linked Muslim body demands death penalty from murderer in Udaipur tailor

Wednesday’s Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM) demanded the death penalty for those who brutally killed tailors in Udaipur, Rajasthan, calling them “terrorists and demons.”

In the statement, the RSS-linked costume was “disgraced” by the perpetrators of the “barbaric” case, making Islam “disgraceful” and to “peaceful” Muslims in India and elsewhere in the world. “Shame” was brought.

“Munch is deeply shocked by such a vicious murder and strongly condemns it,” MRM said.

Two men armed with knives in the Danmandi district of Udaipur posted online videos on Tuesday saying they were retaliating for “insults to Islam” after killing Kanhaiyaral, some of which are below. Caused a violent incident in the city of Rajasthan. curfew.

In the video clip, one of the two perpetrators declared that he had “decapitated” the man, threatened Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and said he would also be caught with a knife.