Rs 50 Service Fee For Rs 20 Tea Gets Shatabdi Train Passenger Steamed Up

Rs50 service charges for Rs20 tees steam passengers on Shatabdi trains

It is a well-known fact that meals on board are expensive. However, food during the train journey is believed to be subsidized. If you have the same beliefs, you are in shock. A photo shared by passengers on social media shows that he was charged 70 rupees for a cup of tea. Tea was 20 rupees, but the invoice also included a service charge of 50 rupees.

The incident occurred on June 28, when passengers were traveling by Shatabdi Express train from Delhi to Bhopal.

Tax invoice photos are a hot topic on Twitter and Reddit.

However, according to the railroad, if passengers do not pre-order food when booking an express train ticket, they will have to pay a service fee of Rs 50 when ordering something while on board.

Indian Railways issued a notice in 2018. “Passengers who do not select a catering service when booking a ticket and decide to purchase meals on board will incur an additional charge of Rs 50 per meal in addition to the notification. Meal catering charges are IRCTC’s in-flight supervisor shall charge. “