Roe vs Wade, Explained: What

Roe v. Wade: What is the US endangered abortion verdict Nab?

Do women have the right to choose an abortion? This question is at the heart of the social debate rekindled by the legal shift in the United States.

The US Supreme Court has overturned the constitutional rights granted in a groundbreaking 1973 ruling called the Roe v. Wade case, which legalized abortion nationwide. Leaked documents, including the judge’s views, have already shaken the United States, with pro-choice protesters on the streets.

But what is this decision 50 years ago that is now overturned?

Whose names are these?
Jane Law was the pseudonym of Norma McCorvey. Norma McCorvey was unmarried, unemployed, and pregnant for the third time in 1969 when she sought an abortion in Texas. By the time the US Supreme Court ruled in her favor, McCorby had given birth to a girl she had placed for her adoption. However, others have the right to have her abortion as a result of her legal struggle.

Henry Wade was a district attorney in Dallas County, Texas, and his job was to enforce state law prohibiting abortion (except to save the lives of women). Technically, he was the one Roe / McCorvey sued when he asked for an abortion.

What was the 1973 verdict?
The questions in the US Supreme Court were: Does the US Constitution recognize women’s right to end pregnancy through abortion? The court said the woman’s decision to have an abortion during the first three months of pregnancy must be left to her and her doctor.