Rishi Sunak Widens Lead In Race To Become UK PM After Party Vote

Rishi sunak takes the lead in race to become UK PM following party vote

Rishi Sunak (ex-finance minister) widened his lead during Monday’s vote by Conservative MPs to determine Britain’s next Prime Minister. But the race to the top two spots has tightened.

Sunak was supported by 115 Tory legislators, Penny Mordaunt with 82 votes and Liz Truss with 71. Kemi Badenoch had 58, Tom Tugendhat, 31, and Kemi Goodenoch, 31. The party declared that Sunak is the final-placed candidate.

The MPs can vote until there are only two remaining candidates. Party members will then decide the winner.

Mordaunt was the favourite of bookmakers before this weekend but lost the votes from the preceding round.

Truss was able to close the gap to 11. She can expect Badenoch’s support to switch to her more if the insurgent candidate is eliminated in round 2. This would promise a close race Wednesday.