Rishi Sunak Could Be 6th Indian-Origin Head Of Government If He Wins UK PM Race

Rishi Sunak Under UK Media Scrutiny For "Privileged" Upbringing

The UK media has been focusing on Rishi’s personal wealth, which is viewed as a barrier to his connection with the larger British electorate that was suffering from the post-pandemic financial turmoil.

Former Chancellor Liz Truss, 42, is currently facing him in the final stretch of his campaign to replace Boris Johnson, British Conservative Party leader. Similar jibes have been levelled at her for her “privileged” childhood and Akshata Murty, Akshata’s wealth as a result of Infosys shares.

The investigation entitled “Rishi Sunak, Inside the Tory Leadership Candidat’s Fortune” was aired on Thursday by Channel 4 News. It questioned Sunak’s reference to his humble and modest background. Other publications picked it up Friday.

I think it was financially quite an expensive commitment because of the Winchester fee. [College] You would have to pay twice as much if you attended the Southampton local school. According to a BBC interview, Sunak’s father, Yashvir was quoted as saying that it was a significant financial commitment.

The channel does not mention Sunak’s claim that he was a scholarship student at the private school. However, former finance minister has stated that Winchester is the result of hard work and sacrifices by his family.