Rishi Sunak Widens Lead In Race To Become UK PM After Party Vote

Rishi Sonak Wins the Latest Round in British PM Race. Contest Down To Three

Britain’s former finance Minister Rishi Sunak was again the top vote winner in the most recent Conservative MPs election to elect a new Prime Minister. A third candidate was also eliminated leaving only three contenders.

Sunak received 118 votes. She was followed by Penny Mordaunt, former defense minister, and Liz Truss, Foreign Secretary. Liz Truss had 86 and Liz Truss had 92. Kemi Badenoch, longshot candidate, got 59. Sunak was therefore out of the contest.

This vote will determine whether Britain elects its first British Asian Prime Minister or third female leader in Britain’s recent history.

Sunak’s resignation led to the overthrow of Boris Johnson. He was two votes shy of the required number to ensure a spot among the last two. They will be fighting it out in the summer months, before the party members decide the winner.

His final round of MPs voting on Wednesday is almost certain to see him make it.