UK Finance Minister Rishi Sunak Cleared Of Ethics Breach

Rishi Sunak Launches Bid To Be Next UK PM After Boris Johnson's Exit

Rishi, a former chancellor launched today his bid to be the next UK prime Minister following Boris Johnson’s resignation yesterday.

“Someone must grasp this moment and take the correct decisions. Sunak stated in a Twitter campaign video that he is standing for the role of leader of the Conservative Party, and as your prime minister.

Rishi Sunak’s grandfathers were from Punjab. Akshata, Infosys’ founder and daughter-in-law Murthy, has given him two daughters. While they were students at California State University, the two met.

Rishi Sunak tells the story about his grandmother, who was a young girl “armed with hope for better lives” and boarded the plane to England.

“She found work. Rishi Sunak explains in this video how it took almost eight years for her to save enough money to allow her husband to be with her and their children.