Review meeting on flood relief preparations in Bongai Gaon district

Review meeting on flood relief preparations in Bongai Gaon district

Initially, DC Pathak will be flooded by relevant departments such as rescue camp identification, rescue mechanisms, construction or repair of fragile embankments, relief supplies supply, special facilities for pregnant women and children in rescue camps, baby supply, etc. I considered preparing. Food, adequate boat and rescue team management for flood-affected people, cattle feed, pure drinking water and sanitation for rescue camp inmates, rescue distribution center facilities, rescue camp containment Supply of tarpaulins, candles, medicines, etc. for people.

DC Pathak also focused on deploying medical teams for flood-affected people and managing local nurseries for flood-affected farmers.

DC Pathak elaborated on the initiative and preparation, stating that the administration will be carried out for the people in the context of the rescue efforts carried out by the relevant departments for the people affected by the flood during the flood. He said the government would not leave stones to save those affected by the district’s floods, and food time to those affected so they would not suffer from malnutrition or hunger. He called on officials from the Food and Citizens Supply Department to secure a leeway supply, said a press release.

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