Restaurants Banned From Forcing You To Tip Staff

Restaurants prohibited from forcing court officials

The government prohibits hotels and restaurants from forcing customers to pay service charges as part of their meals.

According to an order issued today by the Central Consumer Protection Agency (CCPA), hotels and restaurants are prohibited from adding service fees to invoices by default.

These guidelines were published by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs after growing consumer complaints about restaurants claiming compulsory tips.

There was some confusion before when the Ministry of Consumer Affairs asked restaurants and hotels not to charge service fees, but there are no clear guidelines and the National Restaurant Association (NRAI) says service fees are “legal.” I was insisting. Until the government forms a legal framework.

Currently, the latest guidelines are clear and consumers are entitled to complain to the National Consumer Helpline (NCH) for invoiced service charges. Consumers can also file complaints electronically via the e-daakhil portal for quick and efficient resolution.