RERSF blames contractors for "slumping" erosion prevention work at Rohmoria

RERSF blames contractors for “slumping” erosion prevention work at Rohmoria

DIBRUGARH: Thursday’s Rohmoria Erosion Resistance Struggle Forum (RERSF) has hit contractors hard due to the slow pace of erosion prevention work at Rohmoria. Lomoria is a member of the Lahowal Legislative Assembly in Dibrugarh.

At a press conference here, RERSF President Jitul Dutta accused subcontractors of the slow pace of erosion control work at Rohmoria. “The project was overdue due to the slow pace of work. According to the work schedule, the deadline was March 31, 2022, but the slow pace of work affected the project,” Dutta said. Insisted.

“In three projects, Rohmoria’s 9 km erosion prevention work was allocated Rs 2.1 billion. We carefully monitored the work and found many anomalies in the work. Many subcontractors Erosion prevention work is being done at Rohmoria and not working properly. The prime contractor did not come to the project site and handed over the work to the subcontractor. The prime contractor came to the work site and inspected. Demand that. Work. ”

“After a long period of hard work, we have obtained funding for erosion prevention work in Lomoria, so we are monitoring the work. The main contractor provides the work to the subcontractors and they are doing all the work. The main contractor did not bother to come here and inspect, delaying the work and the erosion prevention work must be completed within the specified time. Some of the subcontractors who received the work were sentenced. Is a member of the party, “said Sanjay Baruah, RERSF’s secretary.

“During the meeting in Lomoria, Water Resources Minister Pijush Hazarica should not give subcontractors erosion control work in Lomoria, but the prime contractor did the work for the late subcontractors. Seems to have given. Project work. ”

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