Relief items distributed among 500 families in Lakhimpur district

500 Lakhimpur families were provided with relief items

LAKHIMPUR. The Indo-Global Social Service Society, (IGSSS), is a not-for-profit that promotes a social order for humanity based on justice, liberty, and equity. IGSSS distributed aid items to 500 families in Lakhimpur’s seven districts: Gelahati (Ahumoni), Gelabari, Singara Tokobari and Kathalphukuri. The humanitarian response was part of the topic Disaster Risk Reduction. 1 & No. Paniyamerani, 2 Khonakrishnapur. These relief items included five bars of detergent soap and eight pieces of bathing soot, six packets each of water purifier (10 grams), 6 packets each of water purifier (10 gram), one piece of tarpaulin made with nylon rope, 2 double-sized mosquito nets as well as 4 packets each of ORS, and two litres worth of mustard oil. Distribution began on July 14, and finished on Wednesday.

Guwahati Refinery gives flood victims relief supplies

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