Rehabilitation grant to affected families for damaged houses in Dima Hasao

Rehabilitation Grant for Dima Hasao families with damaged homes

HAFLONG: Debolal Gorlosa, the Chief Executive Member of North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council(NCHAC), distributed grants for rehabilitation to families who were affected by the recent Dima Hasao disasters in June and May. According to the direction of the government the ceremony was held at Haflong District Library Auditorium. Arpan Sikia, ACS, was there as well.

The programme featured Ranu Langthasa as Chairperson of NCHAC, Nazreen Ahmed, Deputy Commissioner and Mayank Kumar, Superintendent of Police.

Guwahati’s Chief Minister, Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma handed out Rehabilitation Grants through DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer), at the ceremony. The Orunodoi Month was also ceremonially flagged off during this event.

CEM and the dignitaries felicitated ASHA employees with awards sponsored in part by Dima Hasao district administration. ASHA workers were given tokens of appreciation by the Dima Hasao district administration for having achieved 100% vaccination during the covid pandemic. CEM announced that a SOPD scheme will allow ASHA workers to be given scooty for each block. Mewa Rymbai (social worker) was also honored during the event for her dedication to Haflong’s disaster relief efforts.

CEM Debolal Gorlosa expressed his appreciation for Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma’s efforts for those who were affected by the floods and landslide. The amount that Orunodoi beneficiaries will receive from October onwards is increased to Rs. 1250, which is an increase of the current amount of Rs. 1000. CEM Debolal Gorlosa, recalling Dima Hasao’s terrible past where so many people lost their lives and property, thanked everybody in this area including officials of both the city administration and council administration for working together to return the glory. He said that he was confident the district would soon return to its former glory and more with all this work.

CEM stated the harsh reality that the majority of people who live in these villages are not able to obtain documentation to enable them to claim the various benefits offered by government. CEM urged Orunadoi beneficiaries to encourage these people to apply for the maximum benefits.