Actress Shenaz Treasury Reveals She Suffers From Prosopagnosia: Real Brain Issue, Not Me Being Snobbish

"Real brain problem, please be kind": Actress reveals diagnosis of prosopagnosia

Actor and travel blogger Shena’s Treasury revealed in her Instagram story that she suffers from a condition called prosopagnosia. This is also known as blindness on her face. In a series of Instagram stories, she explained that Shenaz was recently diagnosed with cognitive impairment, and for some time she was able to understand why she couldn’t recognize her face or voice, even if she knew it. She is often considered “unfriendly” and “pretentious” because she is unable to recognize or correctly identify a person. “This is a real brain problem,” wrote Shena’s Treasury.

“I was diagnosed with prosopagnosia. Now I understand why I couldn’t put my face together,” Shena’s Treasury, 41, wrote in her Instagram story on Tuesday. News agency PTI reports. “It’s hard to recognize neighbors, friends, colleagues, clients, alumni. Those who know expect you to recognize them. If you don’t recognize someone, you’ll be daunting. Many victims report that they lost their friends and were offended because they couldn’t recognize their colleagues. This is me, and I just thought they were stupid. ” She wrote.

“I’m always embarrassed, confusing people, and can’t recognize people’s faces. Even my close friends a few years later, I can’t recognize them. This is a real brain problem. Please kindly understand. . “Shenaz Treasury wrote.

Shena’s Treasury explained how people suffering from prosopagnosia use hair as a “memory clue.” She writes: Understand that this is a real obstacle and I’m not afraid or disgusting. “

Shenas Treasury was a model and MTV VJ before her debut as an actor in the 2001 Telugu movie Eduruleni Manishi. She is best known for her work in the 2 0003 Ishq Vishk and the 2011 movie Delhi Belly.