Raising awareness about cancer in Duma Duma

Raising awareness about cancer in Duma Duma

DOOMDOOMA: For the past 30 years, Assam’s Cancer Crusaders, Minoti Borthakur, have been at Doomdooma as part of her mission to overcome this horrific illness and raise awareness of how to lead a happy life. She addressed a series of conferences since June 24, beginning with a physical and mental health awareness conference at Kakapazar’s Padmanas Gohainbal Government Model (PNGBGM) College.

At a conference under the chairman of Principal Tanu Lam Maginder, Minoti Voltacourt, a former Philosophy Director at the University of Cotton (now the University of Cotton) and a motivational speaker on cancer, is a healthy person. He talked in front of the students how he could accomplish the miracle. Help with self-confidence and willpower.

Her second meeting was held at Doomdooma Marwari Panchayati Bhaban, and the third and fourth were hosted by Lions Clubs of Doomdooma Tea City and Akal Vidyalaya of Rupaisiding, respectively. In the evening of the same day, Doomdooma Sakha Xahitya Xabha (DSXX) and Doomdooma’s Ramdhenu Mahila Chora jointly held another awareness-raising meeting on the grounds of DSXX Baban. The meeting was co-chaired by Bimala Baruah, President of DSXX, and Divyalata Deka, President of Ramdhenu Mahila Chora (RMC) of Doomdooma. Dhiren Deka, a senior journalist and a lifelong member of DSXX, introduced Minoti Borthakur before the rally.

In her brief speech, RMC President Divyalata Deka described how Doomdooma’s cancer patients were greatly influenced by Borthakur when they were being treated at B Barooah Cancer Hospital in Guwahati a few years ago. talked.

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