Raid on malicious traders intensified by Cachar

Raid on malicious traders intensified by Cachar

Cachar DC Keerthi Jalli has stepped up an assault on malicious traders allegedly involved in the sale of vegetables and essentials on the market to determine prices for controlled vegetables and essentials. At the direction of Cachar DC, district agricultural and food and private supply sector officials launched a major campaign on Friday to curb the black market for vegetables and essentials available in the markets of various parts of the Cachar district here. have started.

Department officials conducted raids at Silchar’s Fatak Bazaar, Tarapur, and Ranger Kuhari to control prices. Cachar DC Keerthi Jalli expressed her view that this type of assault was being carried out against malicious traders allegedly involved in price increases in the district.

“There is no shortage of necessities in this area. People should not buy excess food and store it at home. This leads to a human crisis. We are in a hurry because we have enough goods in stock. You don’t have to, “she said.

DC Jalli will also take action against malicious traders by the district administration in accordance with the law if a trader or vendor is found to be involved in fraud, and such issues will be dealt with rigorously. Said that it will be done. “People should refrain from spreading rumors,” added DC Jari.

The Deputy Secretary also thanked Prime Minister Himanta Biswa Salma to ease the plight of the 3,000 rupees initiative and flood victims by the state government to arrange an emergency flight between Silchar and Guwahati. We thank the Minister of Guardian.

During a recent visit to Cachar, the Minister of Conservation held another meeting with the Barak Valley’s three district administrations, stating that the district’s commodities were in stock. At the meeting, Minister Shinharu also advised traders in the three districts to follow the instructions of the Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary and urged the administration to take strict measures to curb the black market.