Protests against CAA never end and never end: AASU

Protests against CAA never end and never end: AASU

In particular, Shah is in Bengal, and during a public meeting in Siliguri, northern Bengal, Shah accused Bengal’s Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee of spreading rumors that the new nationality law would not come into force.

“I would like to make it clear that the Trinamool Congress is spreading rumors that CAA will not take place. I would like to say that CAA will take place on the ground as soon as the COVID wave is controlled.” ..

In response to this statement by Shah, the President of AASU said the Supreme Court had already ordered the issue to be investigated separately for the Northeast.

“Assam must have indigenous rule. It must have the decisive power of indigenous people,” he added.

He also threatened to continue protesting if the government was considering implementing a CAA.

The CAA grants citizenship to six minorities persecuted in neighboring countries (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh). All of these are Muslim-dominated countries.