Protesters riot at Nagaon Temple

Protesters riot at Nagaon Temple

Nagaon: On suspicion of political pressure and massive intervention in the temple’s internal affairs, a raging mob in the Burberry-Berberry area and some employees of the temple rampaged on Sunday, shattering major routes and entrance gates. The new Mahamrityunjaya Mandir in the village of Barhampur Bherbheri.

The shocking and unexpected incident happened shortly after the Mandir management committee dismissed a local employee, sources added.

After the entrance gate to Mahamrityunjaya Mandir was closed, the angry mob also protested the governing board and also made unabated intervention in the temple’s internal affairs.

During the protest, instigators claimed that Mahamrityunjaya Mandir’s current governing body had dismissed some of the local youth from the temple and replaced them with out-of-state youth. Moreover, they also argued that such incidents occurred unexpectedly only due to unabated intervention and the influence of some political leaders. During the protest, local protesters shouted various slogans for political interference.

Importantly, on the phone from Delhi, Balampur MLA Jitugoswami tried not only to calm the angry mob, but also to comfort it. But the mob did not pay attention to his words. Instead, they demanded immediate re-engagement to serve local youth who were dismissed by the temple’s authorities.

Meanwhile, Jitu Goswami has promised to take the initiative to withdraw the dismissal of local youth, sources said.