Assam Chief Minister, Cabinet To Watch

"Prime Minister Modi guaranteed all the help": Prime Minister of Assam on Flood Situation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi called Prime Minister Himanta Biswa Salma of Assam on Saturday to ask about the state’s current flood situation and promised as much support as possible from the center.

Prime Minister Modi expressed concern about the difficulties faced by those affected by the Flood.

“At 6 am today, Hon PM Shri @narendramodi ji called me to inquire about the #flood situation of #Assam. Expressed concern about the difficulties people are facing due to this natural disaster. Meanwhile, HonPM has guaranteed all the support from the central government. I am humbled by the encouraging generosity, “Tweet Prime Minister Salma.

Assam is heavily affected by floods, with 18.95 Rakı people suffering in 28 districts this year and 55 people killed in the state’s floods and landslides.

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