Assam Chief Minister, Cabinet To Watch

"Prime Minister Amit Shah," Himanta Salma says. Sneers Congress, not a tongue slip

Assam’s prime minister, Himanta Biswa Salma, inadvertently called Amit Shah the “prime minister” at a public event in the state and gave opposition parliament ammunition to target the interior minister.

A senior BJP leader who asked not to be nominated said it was a saying, but it would raise questions such as whether Congress shared a clip and the ruling party chose its “next prime minister.” I didn’t stop.

Speaking in Assamese, Mr. Salma welcomed “Prime Minister Amit Shah” and “Minister of Interior Narendra Modi” when speaking to a crowd of hundreds sitting under a large tent.

In a post on the official Facebook page, Assam parliament hinted at Mr. Salma, who called Amit Shah a “prime minister” as a deliberate act, and called him “the prime minister” when Sarbananda Sonowal was the chief. He showed similarities to Congressman Assam. Minister. At that time, Mr. Salma was the Minister of the Assam government.

After the BJP won the Assam election again, Mr. Salma eventually became prime minister.