Assam Man Kills Father After Dispute Over Cigarette: Police

Prime Minister accused at Assam police station died in accident: police officer

A man accused of inciting a mob to fire a police station in Assam’s Nagaon district last week was killed this morning in an attempt to escape police detention.

According to officials, Ashicle Islam was run over by another vehicle as he tried to jump off the police car. He was rushed to Nagaon Municipal Hospital, where doctors declared he dead, they added.

Islam, the prime minister charged in the case, was arrested yesterday.

“He was taken home this morning after admitting that he had kept his weapons at home. On his way home, Islam tried to escape police detention when another police car attacked him.” And the police, Nagaon.

“We confiscated 7.62 pistols, one .22 pistol, and seven live ammunition from his house. The red T-shirt we wore in the video on the day of the incident was also recovered,” said MS Doley. increase. He said.