"Pride Ride" celebrated in the Daran district

“Pride Ride” celebrated in the Daran district

Manggarai: All classes of “Khaki Friend” in the Daran district and social section on Tuesday welcome the welcome to the Deputy Inspector of Police (Sports) Anand Mishra IPS, the highest dynamic and energetic police officer. bottom. Honesty leading the “Pride Ride” for integration to celebrate the prestigious Presidential Color Victory bestowed on Assam police arriving in Daran on Tuesday. Darrang police officers, led by Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary (HQ) Pranjal Bora and Mukut Kakati, head of the Mangaldai police station, gave a warm welcome and guided them to Mangaldai. Many enthusiastic people also provided a heartfelt welcome.

Dalan Police Chief Raj Mohan Rei greeted the bike rider at an August event at the Mangardai Police Chief’s office. Prominent citizens: Mukul Chandra Deca, the principal of the University of Mangardai, Dr. Kamala Kanta Bora, Chairman of Platap Boldroy of the Mangardai Development Bureau, and Bargab Kumar Das, a media representative. A warning was sent to the biker team led by Anand Mishra. Female members of the village’s defense organization dressed in traditional costumes to petal the team and also welcomed them at Plum Bifwan. NCC cadets at Mangaldai University also paid tribute to the Assam police biker team.

A considerable cross-section of very enthusiastic people, including female activists in Carpetia, welcomed the team by placing lighting dias, showered petals, Tiraka on the forehead and offering Plum Bifwan as a sign of love and respect. A team of Daran police bikers escorted a team of riders to the Ralpur district border on their journey to the Udalgri and Sonitopur districts.

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