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Poll Code Violation Case Against Assam Prime Minister

During the 2019 Lok Sabha poll, the Gauhati High Court subdued a court case related to the alleged violation of the Model Code of Conduct by Assam Prime Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma.

A single judge, Judge Rumi Kumari Phookan, subdued the case and set aside all procedures and observations by the Supreme Court Justice of Kamlap Metropolitan.

“In light of the legal proposal above, the seized order of recognition by the courts learned is nothing more than a mechanical order without the legitimate application of a legally bad judicial spirit,” she said in June. Said in the order on the 10th. ..

The lawsuit was filed in May 2019 with Himantabiswa Salma, then Minister of Government of Prime Minister Salvananda Sonoir, on a news live TV channel allegedly violating the Model Code of Conduct during a poll by Roke Sabah. In contrast, it was raised by an additional chief election officer.

On February 25, AK Baruah, Chief Justice of the Kamlap Metropolitan, ordered Sarma and his wife, Riniki Bhuyan Sarma, chairman and managing director of the NewsLive channel, to be fined 2,000 rupees and appear in the duo. rice field. In court on March 21st.

Himanta Biswa Salma, who challenged the order and appealed to subdue the case, approached the High Court on February 28 and filed a criminal petition.