Police officer SI Haidor Hussain arrested for demanding bribes in Nagaon

Police officer SI Haidor Hussain arrested for demanding bribes in Nagaon

Nagaon: SI Haidor Hussain, head of the Kawaimari police outpost, was arrested by Nagaon police on Tuesday night for demanding bribery and detention assault on a man in the outpost.

According to sources, SI Haidor Hussain arrested a man on June 25 in connection with a conflict-related incident not registered with an outpost, and SI Haidor Hussain attacked the man until June 27. He stayed at the outpost until he requested Rs. 20,000 people as a bribe for his release.

Due to the constant physical assault of police officers, the victim suffered severe head injuries and had to be admitted to the hospital. Meanwhile, the victim’s family and other relatives filed a FIR in this regard and also notified the police chief, Nagaon, and Lina Dolly.

Importantly, following SP Doley, police immediately registered the case in this regard and arrested SI Haidor Hussain on Tuesday night. He was quized on Rupahihat PS, sources added.

SP Doley said SI Haidor Hussain tortured a man demanding a bribe of 20,000 rupees while talking to local media officials here, and police confirmed it during the investigation and received sufficient evidence. I did. Moreover, she added that he picked up the victim without a registered incident and detained him for a long time.

Police have nothing to do with land-related incidents. If a land-related issue or complaint arises in PS, police will only transfer it to the district court, SP Doley said.