PM calls Hyderabad "Baganagar"Sparks Name Change Buzz

PM calls Hyderabad "Baganagar"Sparks Name Change Buzz

Hyderabad or Bhagyanagar? Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is in the city for a large BJP meeting, called the capital of Telangana Baganagar in a speech to representatives from all over the country.

The Prime Minister said it was Baganagar that the icon of the Freedom Fighter, Sardar Patel, coined the term “Ek Bharat”.

“Prime Minister Modi said Hyderabad is an important baganagal for all of us. Sardar Patel has maintained a unified Indian foundation and now it is BJP’s responsibility to take it further.” Leader Rabbi Shanker Prasad quoted the Prime Minister in Hyderabad.

RSS, the source of the BJP’s ideology, and several BJP leaders have requested that Hyderabad be renamed to Bhagyanagar.

When asked if he would change the name of Hyderabad to Baganagar, Federal Minister Piyush Goyal said, “When the BJP comes to power in the state, the Prime Minister will decide this with his cabinet colleagues.” ..