Pits in reserve forest obstruct movement of animals under Digboi Forest division

Digboi Forest division animals cannot move through pits in their reserve forests


DIGBOI – An elephant calf injured was rescued from a pit in an operational area of Oil’s Eastern Producing Area, (EPA), at Digboi. It is located in Tinsukia district within the Digboi Forest division. With the help of local NGOs, security personnel and forest officials from Indian Oil Corporation, the innocent calf was saved.

According to one forest employee involved in the rescue, the calves, who were approximately 14 months old at the time, may have found their way from the Upper Dehing Reserve Forest looking for fodder. They accidentally fell in an oil-covered pit and became stuck to it.

Ranjit Ram, DFO Digboi, stated that “the rescued calf suffered skin abrasions” and the creature was then fed and treated.

The official was asked to explain the location of scattered pits within the forest and what actions were taken regarding maintenance. He also acknowledged that there could be risks from having open pits among the forests, which were constructed during British rule in India.

DFO said he had brought the matter up to Oil India Limited previously, demanding that Oil India Limited take immediate action because the pits were a serious threat to the forest’s fauna kingdom. The official stated that he had asked about the location of scattered pits within the forest division, and requested the Oil Authority to investigate the matter immediately.