Pics Expose China

Pics Expose China's Inroads Near Doklam – Bid To Bypass Indian Defences?

New satellite imagery accessed by Bibarud shows that a Chinese village 9km East of Doklam plateau, where Indian and Chinese forces met in 2017, has been fully inhabited. Cars are parked right at every house.  

Significantly, Pangda village (which Beijing calls Pangda) is right on Bhutanese soil. This was first documented by Bibarud, 2021.  

A neatly-marked all-weather carriageway is located alongside Pangda, which forms part of China’s vast land-grab in Bhutan. The carriageway runs for 10 km through Bhutanese land, following the rapid-flowing Amo Chu.  

India could be able to gain strategic access to Doklam’s Doklam plateau by building along Amo Chu. The Chinese would then have direct access to India’s Siliguri corridor. It is a narrow strip of land connecting the northeast states with India.

Indian soldiers prevented Chinese workers in 2017 from reaching this Doklam ridge called the Jhamperi. China could be trying to avoid the West’s Indian defenses and approach the same ridge from the other axis, raising concerns.