Picture Of Sidhu Moosewala Makes An Appearance On Hoarding In Pakistan

Photo of Sidhu Mousswara appears in Pakistan hoarding

A photo of singer-songwriter Sid Mousswara appeared in the Pakistani election hoarding, with reference to his blockbuster song “295”. This seems to take advantage of his popularity in the by-elections in Punjab, Pakistan.

A vice-election was held at 217 seats in the Multan region of Punjab, Pakistan, and a photo of Sidhu Mousswara was taken by Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s party, Terryk et Insaf, and by chance the News International newspaper. According to former Foreign Minister Imran Khan.

Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu, 28, also known as Sidhu Moosewala, was shot dead in the Mansa district of Punjab, India, on May 29, the day after the state government temporarily removed security for singers and 423 people.

The report said the election poster clearly referred to the singer’s popular song and showed a picture of Sidhu Mousswara engraved with the number “295.”

This song is a commentary on a section of Indian criminal law dealing with damaging religious sentiment.