Arrested Fact-Checker Mohammed Zubair

"Phone format is not illegal": Fact checker M. Zubair faces new charges

Fact checker Mohammed Zubair’s lawyer told a court in Delhi today that “the phone format is not illegal,” police alleged a criminal plot, and that the case was “not just a tweet.”

Discussions arose during his bail plea hearing, which was involved in the controversy, after police said he was denied bail even when the court had not yet announced the decision. The order to refuse bail was issued at least two hours after the police said a lot to the media.

Zubair, co-founder of Alt News, was arrested in a four-year-old tweet for hurting religious sentiment. TV program. He has been detained by police for the past five days.

In opposition to today’s bail plea at the Patiara House Court in Delhi, police said Mr Zveil received donations from countries such as Pakistan and Syria. They said that in addition to the Foreign Contribution (Regulatory) Act of 2010, a section related to the destruction of evidence (formatted phone calls and deleted tweets) and criminal conspiracy was added to the FIR.

“It’s not a time-limited case. It’s still a continuous crime because the tweets are still there,” a police lawyer claimed.