People erect river bundh to protect villages in Udalguri district

River bundh is erected to defend villages in Udalguri district

UDALGURI – The Udalguri area committee of Sadou Brahma Dharma Samiti embraced a people’s effort to construct a river Bundh to safeguard nearby villages from the Golandi River.

Phatendra Basuamatari was the advisor to Motiram Brahma the president and Gokul Chandra Brahma the general secretary for Udalguri District Brahma Dharma Samiti took the initiative. To protect villages, hundreds of Brahma-Dharma supporters from Udalguri and Bahinigaon joined together to build river bundh. Floods of the Golandi River, which ran through suburban Udalguri Town caused extensive damage to houses and fields. Ratendra Daimari (secretary of UPPL) provided a JCB, bamboo, and food logistics. Gobinda Chandra Basumatari was the Udalguri legislator and BTC deputy chief.

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