Emirates Passengers Heard

Emirates Plane Flight That Flies For 14 Hours: Passengers Discover a Hole

Passengers leaving an Emirates flight spotted a large hole in the side of the plane after it landed safely in Brisbane, Australia. 

The Independent reports that the accident occurred aboard flight EK450 on July 1st. Airbus A380 flew safely from Dubai for almost 14 hours. According to some passengers, the accident may have occurred shortly before or during takeoff. 

Patrick, an Australian Courier Mail passenger, stated that he was disturbed by a noise around 45 minutes in to the flight. He stated that there was a “loud bang” and he even felt it through the floor. “The cabin crew remained calm, stopped the food service and got on the phone and checked the wings, engines,” Mr Patrick added. 

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The hole was made in the left-hand wing root fairing, a part of the “skin” of the plane where the wings meet the cabin that is shaped to reduce drag while in flight.