"A new trend in government that unfortunately hurt judges": Chief Justice

"Parties believe wrongly …": Chief Justice of the Supreme Court NV Ramana

Chief Justice of India NV Ramana said today that people need to focus on the issue of uniting countries, not the issue of dividing countries.

“Inclusiveness strengthens the unity of society, which is the key to peace and progress. We need to focus on the issues that unite us, not the issues that divide us. Social relationships. To continue to focus on human development, we must face divisive issues above all. A non-inclusive approach is a disaster invitation, “said Ramana Supreme Court Secretary.

The Supreme Court justice commented at a celebration hosted by the Indian-American Association of San Francisco.

The Chief Justice of Ramana reminded the audience of the lives of their relatives’ hometowns. “Remember. You may all be millionaires and millionaires. In order for you to enjoy your wealth, you need peace around you. Your parents Also must be able to live in a society free of hatred and violence, “he said.

The presiding judge said that both India and the United States are known for diversity, which needs to be respected and valued anywhere in the world. He said that it is because the United States respects and respects diversity that it can be marked through diligence and extraordinary skills.