Owner Sujit Kumar Baruah donated a waiting hut to Doomdooma FRU

Owner Sujit Kumar Baruah donated a waiting hut to Doomdooma FRU

DOOMDOOMA: For the convenience of the patient, Sujit Kumar Baruah, owner of M / s Allied Gas Services, donated a waiting hut to Doomdooma30 Beded FRU on Wednesday to commemorate his mother Thunu Baruah. MLA Rupesh Gowala has opened a waiting shed and praised the mercy of professional consultant engineer and active social worker Sujit Kumar Baruah.

Initially, the hospital’s director, Dr. Ashma Gaznavi, welcomed guests with a variety of hospital essentials, including the introduction of state-of-the-art ambulances to provide emergency services to patients, mostly from remote regions. Emphasized area and tea garden.

Meetings attended by Circle Officer (CO), Doomdooma Revenue Circle, Executive Officer, Doomdooma Municipal Board (DMB) Rananmay Bharadwaj, Chairman and Vice President, DMB Kanta Bhattacharya and Moni Dutta, respectively, and other major citizens of the town were addressed. .. Chair MLA Rupesh Gowala, CO Rananmay Bharadwaj, Kanta Bhattacharya.

Dhiren Deka, Senior Journalist and Former President of the Assam Science Writers Association (ASWA), introduces the late Tunu Barua, the sister of the late Canac Cha Mahanta, the top agricultural scientist and winner of the UNESCO Science Communicator Award. Did.

After her marriage, she qualified for the entrance exam from the University of Gauhati (GU) in 1952 and was an ideal housewife. Donor Sugit Kumar Balua said in his speech that he was disappointed to see the plight of those waiting for the COVID test in the most chaotic and unscientific way. So when the hospital representative, Dr. Ashma Gaznavi, requested it from him, he was very happy because he couldn’t provide one waiting shed for the convenience of the patient. The meeting was fixed by Rotarylet Chayanika.

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