Overseas Bank Guwahati Zone distributed flood relief in Mangaldai

Overseas Bank Guwahati Zone provided flood relief for Mangaldai

MANGALDAI – Overseas Bank Guwahati Zone, in solidarity with the flood-affected villagers and offering assistance at an urgent time of need, distributed aid to flood victims families living in Janaramchowka Gaon Panchayat region of Mangaldai. Sanjay Dey, Assistant General Secretary to the Employees’ group of the financial institution distributed the funds in partnership with local citizens. One package of essential products was distributed to hundreds of people in Bar-Athiabari and Kalyanpur as well as Goalpara, Rangamati, Rangamati, and others affected by the flooding of Shaktola River. Madhav Sharma, local social worker and Pranjal Kumar Sharma, journalist assisted with distribution of various food items including soap and phenol. While the water level has declined since the temporary dam was constructed four days ago it is still difficult for flood victims. Arab Guwahati Zone’s Assistant General Secretary supervised the bank’s employees union and its officers.

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