Organisation Shinzo Abe Linked To Caused Mother

Organisation Shinzo Abe Linked To Caused Mother's Bankruptcy: Shooter To Cops

According to police, Shinzo Abe was believed to have been linked with the religious group that he blamed his mother for financial ruin. He spent months planning the attack using a homemade gun.

Tetsuya Yamagami (a 41-year old unemployed man) was identified on Friday as the suspect in suspicion of murder after video footage repeatedly showed a man approaching Japan’s oldest-serving prime Minister from behind, and firing.

The suspect, wirey with shaggy locks, was seen walking into Abe’s path. He was standing at the intersection on a riser, and then unloading two rounds from his 40 cm (16 inch) long weapon. The suspect was arrested on the spot by officers.

According to neighbors, Yamagami was a loner and would not respond to questions. According to Kyodo news agency, Yamagami believed Abe promoted a religious organization that his mother had gone bankrupt and donated to.

Kyodo reported that his mother was involved in religious groups and that he resent it. Nara police refused to discuss details of Yamagami’s motive or preparation as reported by Japanese media.