Opposition Keeps Their Political Interests Above Country, Says PM Modi

Modi: PM Modi says Opposition puts their political interests before the country

Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated today that the Opposition puts their political interests ahead of those of the country. He also claimed the Opposition continues to block the government from pursuing its development goals.

Since the Monsoon session started last week, proceedings in both Houses have been stopped by protests from the Opposition demanding that a discussion be held on the price increase.

Prime Minister Modi stated that the opposition parties had often put obstacles in government work because they couldn’t implement decisions made by them while they were in power. He was speaking virtually at a program on Harmohan Singh Yadav, a former member of Samajwadi Party Rajya Sabha.

Modi claimed that the Opposition often questions government decisions.

“If they (decisions), are made, people will protest it. He said that the people of the country didn’t enjoy it.