Opposition Hooting,

Opposition footing, "ED" Voting for Chantoback Eknath Shinde as MLA

Opposition MLA was attacked in the Maharashtra State Parliament when Thackeray Camp MLA upheld Eknath Shinde in today’s trust vote. Santosh Bangar, who previously posted a video on his Twitter account showing that he was crying in favor of Uddhav Thacke, passed on to Mr. Cinde today.

Another Thackeray camp MLA, Shyamsundar Shinde, also crossed at the last minute.

Opponent MLA also shouted “ED, ED” when Pratap Sarnaik and Yamini Yashwant Jadhav endorsed Eknath Shinde during a trust vote. Faced with an investigation into money laundering by the Executive Office (ED), Sarnaik wrote to party leader Uddhav Thackeray last year and worked with the BJP to save leaders from actions by central agencies. He replied, “someday” he would answer it.

Even yesterday, when Shiv Sena MLA Yamini Yashwant Jadhav of the Eknath Shinde camp voted in the chairman’s election, the opposition MLA shouted “ED, ED.” Ms. Jadab’s husband, Yashwant, a leader of Shiv Sena and a former chairman of the Standing Committee of the Burihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation, recently placed under the supervision of the Enforcement Bureau on suspicion of violating the Forex Control Act. The opposite curse was carried out in the wake of Jadab. ..

The new Eknath Shinde-led government won the floor test by a margin of 164-99, proving the majority of his government and consolidating its position as state prime minister and leader of Shiv Sena.