Opinion: Uddhav Thacke will benefit from this crisis

“Shiv Sena is a lion’s den. You can only go inside, you can’t go out.”

This is what Manohar Joshi, who was promoted to Prime Minister of Maharashtra and later chaired by Roku Sabah, answered the question why he did not leave Shiv Sena.

But that myth about the Lion’s Nest shattered into pieces that surprised even the less stubborn supporters of Sena as Shiv Sena left the party. Eknath Shinde did what the former powerhouses Chagan Bhujbal, Narayan Rane and Raj Thackeray couldn’t do. When they left Senna, it made ripples, but it didn’t become a tsunami. Senna prospered. Today, Senna is in a very serious crisis and the very existence of the party is uncertain. This depends on whether Sind can prove that more than two-thirds of the MLA is against Udafter Clay.

Shiv Sena was by no means a traditional political party. It was a cult around one man, Barasaheb Thackeray. He effectively ran Mumbai as his words were law and Shiv Sainiks blindly followed his instructions. He was his own law, even though he had never held a position in the government. He was a “circer” for millions of Maharastians.

Balasaheb Thackeray was originally a cartoonist and worked with the legendary RK Lakshman. He was the son of the reformer Keshav Sitaram Prabodankar Thackeray, and was once a very skilled writer who “requested a boycott of the temple that Dalits refused to offer worship.” “Bal Takkerai’s father abandoned his claim to his son at a public meeting and declared that Barasaheb’s life would be dedicated to the uplifting of the Maharashtras in the future,” Sujata Anandan wrote. ..