Opinion: Time for Rahul Gandhi to play Vajpai

Opinion: Time for Rahul Gandhi to play Vajpai

It’s time for Rahul Gandhi to take the backseat and give the baton to someone else. If he is reluctant, Sonia Gandhi needs to talk to him as Speaker of Parliament to understand why. If you’re still not ready, Sonia Gandhi will have to make a difficult decision. The decision should never be left to the Parliamentary Party or the Parliamentary Working Committee, as it never has the courage. Due to their parasitic nature, they will also not risk telling the truth.

In the context of India, political parties are defined by their leaders, and most political parties are headed by families. So-called senior leaders have neither autonomy nor the willingness to exercise democratic rights to question leaders and demand accountability for the party’s defeat.

I have always believed that Rahul Gandhi is a wise man and a good man. His only problem is that he is active when the political ecosystem is not in favor of his kind of politics. I also read a lot to find out that sometimes in history it’s better to take a backseat and wait the right time than to fight grain and hurt yourself and your organization. I know I’m in a better position. Rahul Gandhi doesn’t have to go too far in the past. If he delves into the history of the BJP, he will get enough material and more to readjust not only his own politics but also that of the party he is supposed to lead.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee was BJP’s darling before Narendra Modi appeared. When the BJP was reduced to two members in Congress in 1984, BJP called on Vajpayee to take a backseat and ask him to help rebuild the party from scratch.

Since Shayama Prasadom Kelsey, the founder of BJP’s predecessor Jansan and a former member of the Jawaharlal Nehru Cabinet, Vajpai, the party’s highest leader, is on his way to his junior Rajendra Prasnaadvani. I gave it up. The rest is history. BJP never looked back.