Opinion: Again, The Opposition was defeated by The Opposition

Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised Jagdeep, the BJP’s vice presidential choice, as a “Kisan putra” (farmer’s child). Dhankhar (the Governor of West Bengal) has another qualification. He is Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Bangerjee’s bete noire.

Dhankhar, who was elected Governor in 2019, has been the principal opposition to Banerjee (who is currently on her third term of Chief Minister).

Vice President assumes important duties such as presidering over Rajya Sabha, and keeping opposition members under tight control.

Dhankhar will become the first of two presiding members of Parliament (the other being Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla). The next Congress-rule Rajasthan elections will be held in 2014. Dhankhar is a member of a forward-caste. His selection will send a message across North India to the upper caste, which has been voting for the Modi-led BJP.

The presidential election was marked by a sharp, nuanced, and maximalist political style that exposed the opposition as exhausted and without any ideas for taking on Modi’s government.